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What is Digital HQ and why does your team need one?

Digital HQ is a virtual workspace to connect your people, tools, partners and customers for faster and more flexible work. It removes the limits of physical walls, giving people the flexibility to do their best work where, when and how they prefer. It empowers everyone to automate common tasks. Digital HQ makes work simpler, more pleasant and more productive. Digital HQ is a new way for your entire company to collaborate and create automated workflows to put your company on Autopilot! (Autonomous AI Agents).

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To ride the wave in a challenging labour market, companies must prioritise attracting talent and keeping existing employees motivated. By enabling employees to connect and collaborate from anywhere, Digital HQ helps companies to provide the flexibility that today’s workforce demands. All workers can feel included and productive in Digital HQ, no matter where they live or what their daily schedules might look like. 

Understand Your Team Better

Digital HQ replaces the old outdated processes with something faster, better organized and more secure. It creates a single source of truth for everything going on at your company, everyone knows exactly where to go to get work done and has the tools they need to get it done faster. It’s about empowering people to work when and where it’s best for them.

Encourage Async Work Flow

Moving to Digital HQ doesn’t mean ditching the office, but to better coordinate it. Offices are just one of the place for building relationships and creating space for focused work. With Digital HQ, you can transcend physical spaces and time zones to bring teams, tools, partners and customers together around shared goals and priorities.


Empower your teams to work smarter

In competitive markets, speed is of the essence. Today’s leaders must bring innovations to market faster, respond to and resolve customer issues faster and close deals faster. Every company wants to be more productive – but how do companies actually succeed when it comes to accelerating work? Digital HQ boosts productivity by streamlining communication across your entire organisation. Period!

Single Source of truth

Digital HQ is about making the historic shift to a digital-first world of work and curating an experience for employees, customers and partners that’s effective and relevant.

The Future of Work

Digital HQ is the workplace of the future. By transcending the limits of the physical workspace, Digital HQ makes it easier for all employees to access the people, apps and data that they need, and when they need them. With the Digital HQ, everyday work moves along faster.


Better teams. Faster progress. Better world.

Teams must be informed by an objective, shared reality. To make informed decisions, teams must have access to shared knowledge. While other management philosophies prioritize the speed of knowledge transfer, PeopleOps optimizes for the speed of knowledge

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Everyone must be able to contribute. Organizations must create a system where everyone can consume information and contribute, regardless of level, function, or location. When people don’t have the opportunity to contribute because of their background, or where they live, or their life stage, we miss out on valuable perspectives.

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Decisions are the fuel for high-performance teams. Conventional management philosophies often strive for consensus and avoid risk instead of developing a bias for action. This can result in slow decision-making. In PeopleOps, success is correlated with decision velocity: the quantity of decisions made in a particular stretch of time (e.g. month, quarter) and the results that stem from faster progress.

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Teams exist to deliver results. This is about achieving objectives. PeopleOps’ decision-making principles are only useful if you execute and deliver results. A result is not a one-time event; rather, delivering a result establishes a new baseline. This allows future iterations to begin. In this way, focusing on execution empowers everyone to contribute to meaningful business outcomes.

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why us

Digital HQ isn’t just a tool for sending messages.

It’s a place where work flows between all your teams, tools, customers and partners—wherever and whenever you’re working.


All content in Digital HQ is searchable.


Bring internal and external teams together.


Work together however you work best.


Connect all the tools you use every day.

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Make the right decisions, fast

The time that it takes to reach a critical business decision can make all the difference when it comes to better outcomes. But organisational silos can slow you down, making it hard for teams to access the data, feedback and information that they need to make smart decisions.


Digital HQ help break down communication silos, that can arise in physical workplaces where internal politics can often be a nightmare. It strengthen relationships between coworkers and management.


Digital HQ is now the center of your company; in terms of operation, output, and culture. Create flexible connections between employees, customers, partners and work faster with asynchronous collaboration.

Share with Anyone

How we work will evolve to become more focused on social communications and documentation. A work-from-anywhere world requires technology that keeps employees connected, regardless of location.

Built for all teams. Remote, Hybrid, or Office